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L – left                                FG – field gate

R – right                              HTR – hedge to your right

TL – turn left                      HTL – hedge to your left

TR – turn right                    FB – footbridge

FP – footpath                      BG – bridle gate

BW – bridleway                  PG – pedestrian gate – all types of gates including kissing

ST – stile                              UCR – unclassified county road

SA – straight ahead           FTL/FTR – fence to your left/right


All the paths, bridleways and roads used on the Church2Church Walks in Warwickshire are public rights of way as designated on Ordnance Survey Maps. Following the direction instructions in no way constitutes any liability on the publisher that such routes are safe or suitable at the time of use.

All the walks are undertaken completely at the walkers own risk and liability.

Please follow the Countryside Code at all times. 

Footpath furniture (stiles/pedestrian gates etc.) were correct at the time of research and writing-up but they are subject to change and constant improvement. Please let me know of any changes and help to contribute to keeping the Church2Church Walks in Warwickshire up to date – Thank You.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about these Church2Church Walks, please contact the publisher.                                                    

Researched and compiled by Gerald Lawrence.                                                

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