More Walks Information

Information about the Churches on the Church2Church Walks in Warwickshire, the history, the architectural features, as well as the churchyards can be obtained in several ways.

  • The website of the individual church or the benefice it is part of.
  • Leaflets and booklets available from inside the churches, some are free and
    some are for sale.
  • Notice boards or display panels inside the churches.
  • There are several good websites that are very informative and you might find
    the following useful. – a website developed as a photographic tribute to the church art and architecture of churches in Warwickshire. – an online resource detailing the history of most of
the villages in Warwickshire.

But of course, during the walks from Church2Church you will also pass a lot of other interesting things to see. Information about these can be found by simply clicking ‘Next’ and then selecting the page number that corresponds with the page number on The Walks Page you wish to walk or to print out


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